02:12.... a.m. of course.

As some may be capable of guessing, I have been extremely busy. The little annoying voice in the back of my head, the one that likes to hide behind my motor cortex, whispered me I should share my latest trips and thoughts... just to avoid you guys referring to me as the selfish bitch.

Well, anyway it is now officially 02:15 in the freaggin' morning and I have succesfully completed... eeeeerrrr.... nothing and managed to achieve a lack of sleep. I have an estimated working effort of about... let's see, ehm... A TRILLION YEARS?! But still, I have eventually found the time to take some pics for you in Cologne last weekend with my gorgeous model Max (whom you will be seeing more frequently now).
I'm gonna put this out there to start off with: please don't go on nagging about typing mistakes (in case there ARE any), as I said... it's past 2 o'clock and I'm like 5 seconds from falling asleep on my tab.

Bag: Aunts & Uncles, Sweater: TK Maxx

Sunglasses: Vans

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