Greener on the other side?

I don't think so. Let's be honest and set some things straight:
I've seen a lot of people in my everyday life who doubt their sense in fashion, just because they look to H&M, or mainstream fashion labels. Now find the mistake... it's still a fashion label which makes iiiit.... let me think.... oh right... fashion.
On the other side you have way too many people running around in the worst outfits evaaaaar and they think they're as hot as a fresh baked brownie with hash. Wrong. They're getting something mixed up I believe. It looks more like a muffin- top when you're overweight, denying the fact that you just CAN NOT where a size 0 slim- fit. Now don't get me wrong, but can we agree to love ourselves, our style, our bodies and quit trying to be a bunch of hard- headed hipster trolls?
I'm juuust saying.

Shorts: Monki, Belt & Scarf: H&M, Nailpolish: Essence, Calico: Asian Supermarket

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