In all seriousness I want to talk about something that's been on my mind lately. Life can be pretty difficult to manage at times - even when you look onto what you've got in life and think: "Well, rationally, I'm a lot better off than others, it could be worse...." sometimes there's just this void you feel is closing in on you, a void that makes you question your purpose in life, the world you and I live in... Perhaps a higher meaning than getting up, going to work, going through your every day routine going to bed, waking up and staring all over.
You have friends, you have family, a job, education, a flat, enough money to live a nice life - but it still feels empty somehow.
You turn on the news and all you see is anxiety, fear, desperation. You see wars going on, people who have rational reasons to feel lost, displaced.
I've been thinking, time after time, asing myself: "Why are these things happening?", feeling like shit not being able to actively do something. Working out plans of how I can contribute to making the world a better place. But I have come to realize, that we CAN make a difference, we CAN and we WILL make the world a better place.
We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves thinking we aren't allowed to feel sad at times, maybe even angry. It's okay. It's omay because we're human, it's natural, it's what makes us who we are. All the emotions - the good, the bad... they all make up who we are as individuals. It's just important that we don't let ourselves get sucked in the bad. We can't expect from ourselves that we can single-handedly change the world, feed it, bring peace, solve religious, or territorial conflicts. But it's not about us alone, we CAN contribute to healing the world by starting with ourselves, loving ourselves, embracing others in love. Ask yourself, when was the last time you sad something really nice to a stranger? Something little like: "Hey, I really like your coat, where'd you get it?", or "You have a great day today, enjoy yourself!".
Think about what it would mean to you. Think about how you would feel when you had a really shitty day and someone was nice to you, for no reason in particular. Feels good doesn't it?

So I'd like to wish you all, no matter where you are, how bad your day was... I wish you a really awesome day, I wish you to take just one minute, just 60 seconds to close your eyes and think about the beautiful things in your life and share that beauty with someone else.

xo Nana

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