Hung over and confused.

Soooo... did everybody enjoy Christmas? I hope so and since I'm kinda in a jolly mood still, I'm gonna miss out on the part where I get all sarcastic and save that up till new year's eve.
I'm just kidding, chillax.
Anyways, I have been working on a loooot of new plans for 2011. Exciting stuff, I promise. No, really... I PROMISE! (You know... the pinky swear kind'a promise...)
Starting NOW you will also find some stuff from time to time, that I have designed and made myself which youuuu can purchase. Call me naive but I will just blindly put my trust into you that you may NOT copy this.

For further information, please contact.

The idea was to find a piece of furniture that would be able to cope with my constant state of confusion. Nooooo not due to alcohol, or any equivalent.... but due to my massive shit load of things I somehow always end up having to do, or just simply missplace. I was talking to a friend and said: "Don't ya just wish you had like this shelf or something in your head where you can put all your stuff? Just neet and tidy???"
aaaaand that's what I did. 
Just haven't figured out how to actually get it IN my head - but's that's a minor problem I'm working on at the moment - so soon you'll have little microchips instead of IKEA furniture where pieces just went missing and due to that you can't remember your parent's name.

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