I'm gonna call this a short one because... ah damn it.... I can't think of any suitable excuse. But I'll tell you one thing: I have a piece of delicious lasagne standing right in front of me (tribute to my boyfriend) and now I would have to ask you: What would YOU do?
Oh my God... does anybody remember those bracelets "WwJd?"? Let's make that the new trend "WwYd ?". I'm getting carried away again. 
This outfit should (to be honest) NOT be worn without a top coat, but since I liked the snow so much and it looked so cool I just HAD to take it outside. Don't try this outside, it's so freakin' cold you'll get a cystitis in seconds... which proves: Some (if not to say MOST) fashion photographies are simply taken because they look so awsoooome!
I was going somewhere with this.
Can't remember... awww whatever, I don't have to explain eeeeverything to you, right?

Purse: Vintage and Rags (Cologne), Scarf: Harrod's (London), Hairpiece: Ebay, Dress and suit coat: H&M, Gloves: Karstadt (material: goat nappaleather)

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