Stingy as hell.

You know that moment in life, when somebody FINALLY gets you and you're all like:" YES YES YES!!!! That's what I was talkin' about the WHOLE time!"
Yeah... I just wanna put this out there beforehand:
SEE! I tooold ya.

I've always had this little voice in the back of my head everytime I bought (yet another) H&M basic, or TK Maxx shirts, fleemarket stuff and so on... you know? These things where people go:"You're such a cheap-ass!", or those who say:"...blablabla those H&M wanna be's..."
Yeah. Whatever and uhm.... Talk to the hand.

T-Shirt: Blood is the new Black

I actually coincidentally tripped over this AWSOME brand at TK Maxx: Blood is the new Black ( Loved the design and even more so the brand name. After literally freakin' out over the kick-ass design I read through the "About" section and there was one thing I just totally clicked with:"... celebrates one person and that's the artist."
Wait for it... BAM!

T-Shirt: Black Book (H&M collection)

Same thing for "Black Book" (, they had this project going on with H&M. When going through their "About", they really made me crack: the designers actually started establishing their design on H&M basics in the kitchen with Microsoft "Paint".
Any questions?

T-Shirt: H&M, Shorts: Monki, Sneakers: Vans New Era, Watch: Casio A168WG-9EF

So boys ans girls. what's the lesson today?
1. Cheap doesn't mean bad.
2. Fashion is NOT just superficial good for looks stuff... It's ART!
In ya face.

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  1. Hi dear! I'm wondered with your blog! I don't understand what you wrote, but your photos show me a kind of amusement with the fashion!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! FOR SURE I'LL FOLLOW YOU!

    Much love,