Man up!

Aaaaand we're rolling again. As I promised you I've been working with a very good friend of mine who is taking the photographs for my blog. So please give it up for Philipp Thater - AWSOME WORK MAN!

Who can guess what Nana loves this season? ... That's right! Taking the guys their clothes away 'cause I like them too much. If it were up to me I swear by my closet I'd go unisex on fashion. 
No wrong thoughts, I love being a woman BUT there are so many awsome clothes in the men's department... Don't be so selfish, let's share! ;) So many garments work both ways and besides:
Only REAL men can wear pink and only REAL women can wear a bow-tie.

Shoes: Akira, Chemise: WE, Purse: fleemarket, Foxtail: market

Tribute to Philipp Thater

Suite Coat: Burberry

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