Hide and seek...

Remember when I said we needed more color commitment, so we wouldn't blend into tree trunks? Yeah... I had an epiphany just today realizing why the hell the colors during the cold time of the year start going all earthy, decent and stuff: SNOWBALL FIGHTS!
It just struck me.

Boots: Bearpaw; Jeans: Cheap Monday; Bag: Crismar

Originally I wanted to point out the exact opposite namely: how nice the Lego heart preps up the outift and colors it up... BUT as you see I got carried away with my play instinct. Despite the fact that I throw worse than a cheerleader. 
... all though come to think of it... those pom poms gotta hurt when they strike your eye. 

Okay, I'm getting carried away again. So to call this a day: yessss earthy tones are fine and noooo I don't despise them BUT especially with catchy colors such as a swiff of red, turquoise, or even purple it gives your look a special little something - the cinnamon on top.

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