Attention please...

Yeah, quick announcement: First of all pleaaaase forgive me, I won't be able to blog this weekend due to the fact that I'm terribly in love (still after three years) and spending the weekend with my wonderful boyfriend.
BUT since I knew that ahead of time I've taken care of something essential: I'm quite aware of the fact that probably 70 percent of you guys will be looking up my blog 'cause of the nice pictures and... yeah, just about everything you don't have to read. (For those 30 percent of you who actually ARE reading this - this is not what it looks like.... no seriously, it's not you, it's me.) Sooo... I've decided to work together with a really incredibly great friend of mine: Philipp Thater (it's not a "th" like in "this" it's a "t" like in "to good"). His photographs are just magnificent and will hopefully result in some very inspiring pictures. So I'm not only happy but also very proud to be presenting the first results by next week!

P.S.: You guys know I love all you lazy oafs anyway! ;)

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