Disney's kickin' back in!

... and this is the moment the little voice in the back of my head goes: "WOOOOOHOOOO!". Oh yeah, if there's one thing the fashion industry has REALLY figured out and is finally feeding us fashion addicts going "nom nom" with, then it's CULT. (I'm gettign very excited about all this....) So, what's the deal? The deal is Lego, Disney, Billy Idol, old- school Metal and Rock bands. I'm gonna have to tribute to Lady Gaga here since she had this incredible Haute Couture dress from Jeremy Scott's autumn/ winter collection 2009:

From the video "Paparazzi"

Lately I've been seeing this everywere and to be honest, I don't know who's feet I should kiss first because so many people are involved, designers, stars, brands, etc... So right now I'm going to stick to Jeremy Scotts and the gorgeous dress you see here and just brainstorm my way through. 
This kinda "mustard yellow" is THE color this season! It was on the comming last winter already and I believe it will become the new purple - yeah, you heard that... PURPLE not black. 
RED is the new black.

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