Who's wearing the pants?

... you honey, but I chose which ones.
If there's one piece of clothing that's somehow gotten faaaaar to little attention, then I'd have to credit that to my bottom wear. Grabbing those sloppy jeans out of my closet every morning has become... habitual and unsatisfactory. Come to think of it, I guess leaving the house WITHOUT them could maybe get people confused. Just a little.
and I suppose me, too.

Jeans are getting cheeper and cheeper and believe it or not it's not just the qualtity of the fabrique that makes it as obvious as a slap in the face. Primarily it's the mere cut that can make a jeans go from "Uhhhhh that's hot!" to "Ewwww did you shit your pants?". Seriously. Cut me some slack on this, I buy jeans at H&M, too. But there are way to many awsome pants comming up this season, models you SHOULDN'T consult your five-and-dime for:

Rütme Belty Jeans Denim Shiny Black


Ragwear Guns Pant Grey

Harem pants are pretty much invading the fashion scene slowly, especially here you shouldn't try to be stingy because the designers WILL take revenge. I'm just saying. If you don't wanna look like you've either
a) crapped your pants or
b) have saddlebags the size of a Walross- butt...
then don't be a cheap ass.(Although these ones really aren't expensive at all!)

Cheap Monday Skyscraper

For the same reason I love waiste high skirts, I also love this jeans model - they mask up everything (makes me feel a lot more confident about myself). The color is great, especially when I come to think about how sick and tired I am of only seeing these earthy colors that make you look like you could blend into a tree trunk.
I hate to put it down but... we're at the top of the foodchain. Nobody will try and chew us up if we don't camouflage.

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