Eyes up here!

I've noticed something in the past few weeks... EITHER the number of people feeling attracted to me has magically increased over night and I simply haven't noticed it yet - just as I obviously haven't noticed the eighteen wheeler that ran over me last night, BUT that's a diffrent story - OR I have something on my breast that is distracting people from doing what they're supposed to be doing: paying attention to the face.
Which isn't happening.
Lucky me, I found a plausible excuse when it turned out these people could also ask questions as an alternative to making me lose confidence. "Oh that's so cuuuute, where'd you get iiiiit?!"
And my answer seemed to provoke a "OH-MY-GOD-IT'S-A-CUTE-PUPPY!- reaction" which means:
We women tend to speak at least one octave higher than usual, make little wavy hands in front of us and make these big shiny eyes.

So. To get back to what I was originally going to say was: My boyfriend made me this really great brooch out of Lego. I've been wearing it on my olive-green coat for a few weeks. It's a perfect colorful eye- catcher during these gloomy winterdays and brightens up nearly every outfit.
... I could think of at least nine kinky love songs that would go perfectly with this... but I'm gonna try and not go there.

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