Almost there!

First of all, Happy Easter to all my beloved fashion and art addicts! I just wanted to give you guys a short "sneek preview" on my new "carte de visite" with which I will not only be promoting my blog but also introducing some new specials (as promised beforehand). Starting in June this year (duh.) I will be having specials twice a month where you can find interviews with the creative "Creme de la Creme" in the Ruhrgebiet aaaand...
(dramatic drum roll)
A streetstyle- catwalk special. Which means: Once a month we (Philipp and I) will be on the watch for you (the freakishly awesome dressed), the real- life people to take your picture, an interview and post you on Nana loves it.!
So watch your tale, we'll have known what you did this summer!

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