... Racist Lego?

Wow... and you thought after Dick Cheney you'd be out of the woods. No but seriously... I was at the bookshop the other day with my good friend and trusted photographer Philipp and we apparently found what we found to be a great idea: a Lego surprise bag.
No, no... wait... open yourself to it... A LEGO SURPRISE BAG!
I mean, come on... how awesome is THAT? Well, anyhow I got all excited about it and randomly chose one to blog about the mere awesomeness of this goodie.
Turned out that when I opened it, I found myself somewhere between a catatonic state and the urgent need to laugh out very, very loud.
You can probably guess, but I decided to laugh-stutter and brought out something that must have sounded like: "Oh my... it's... I mean.. is it really? Oh hell no..."
Yeah... it was a tiny Lego figurine in a decontamination suit. Due to the fact that I myself am half Japanese, I was honestly speechless - if yet for a split second. It turns out that Lego had produced these figurines before the Fukushima crisis and intended to retract them from the market. But in Japan, the workers have the status of heroes. For a good reason. Set the jokes aside, these men are out there, despite the fact that they will most likely die from the effects of the radiation exposure. So my tribute goes out to the brave men out there tonight, thank you.

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