Oh gosh... where to start... well first of all, I would like to thank my dear friend Cris. Above all, really because without her, I wouldn't have had the chance to realize how many great people are out there, sharing their passion, their inspirations and their lives. It took me a while to think about what I was going to share about me in this post. I thought about the meaning to this award and the contraversies pointed out by other bloggers. Let's make one thing very clear here: Blogging, to me, is not just about staying in your own little pool of ideas. When you stop getting inspired by others, stop communicating and learning, you might as well live on your little island and waiste your time getting busy with yourself. We're all part of a creative community, every single one of us is valuable to the changes taking place in around us. Giving away this award and receiving it, is not important to me, because I might receive tones of followers or something... it's so important, because it shows me that I have succeeded in sharing my world in a positive way with others and by giving away this award again, paying tribute to others who have inspired me along the way.
So... let's do this.

1. I love bursting bubbles... I even always have a bottle in my car.
2. I'm an extremely idealistic person and... sometimes I get into my own way with that.
3. My favorite dish is Sushi, but I totally get grossed out by calamari.
4. I'm half Japanese and half German and yet the only thing I can do in Japanese is order ten beers.
5. My favorite fairytale of all times is "Ronja Räubertochter" - I have an obsession with children's  
     books anyway.
6. When I finally grow up, I wanna be 9 years old again.
7. Mario Cart Doubledash is the best game of all times.

And now that I've shared this with you, here are my nominees (The list of bloggers presented here is not a ranking since I cannot and do not want to imply, that anyone of them is better, or less good than the other.)

1. Mau- Fashion (
2. Style Independent (
3. The Chic Cliché (
4. 55th Street (
5. Lookbook Cookbook (
6. Taylor and Demolish (
7. Stylised Dialogue (

There are so many more people I would like to list here, so I seriously just randomly chose 7 from my favorites :)


  1. Thanks for nominating me and you definitely deserve this award girl! :)

  2. Oh Nana, you are a such great writer, you are able to touch your readers with your words as you are able to inspire us with you pictures and outfits! I would want to give you one thousand awards (and it would be enough)!!! Thank you for all your nice words here, on my blog and on ITB! I'm lucky to have found you!

    Much love,

  3. oh you are lovely :) thank you so much for nominating me. You have a fantastic blog and a well deserved little award! xx

  4. Thanks so much for including me :)

  5. Thanks Nana! Love your blog!


    Jessica from Lookbook Cookbook